Ohio Division

2006 Mentoring Program Purpose


Your Partner For Success


























                                                        "Getting Started"  


                                           Athens Chapter Mission Statement             

                                           Athens Chapter By-Laws

                                           Athens 2005-2006 Committee Listing

                                           Chapter Orientation Packet Contents

                                           Committee Sign-up Sheet

                                           IAAP PersDataForm-2006

                                           Mentoring Guidelines

                                           New Member Welcome Letter

                                           Orientation Binder Cover

                                           Image is Everything Survey

                                           Request for Mentors


                                       "Helpful Hints for New Managers"


1)  What to expect from your first meeting after becoming a member?

2)  What to expect from at an Athens Chapter meeting?

3)  Ten good reasons to attend a Chapter function.

4)  Five ways to profit from your IAAP Membership.

5)  How to make involvement in a Professional Association work for you.

6)  Network your way to success.



Send your ideas to the email address listed here, or contact any of these Committee members:



Sharon Conner (Chair Person)

Elaine Frankowski, CPS

Rochelle Vallee

Peggy Folk, CPS

(740) 593-1525

(330) 722-6235 ext. 2902

(216) 987-5836

(330) 725-8513


"With special assistance from Athens Chapter Member, Phyllis Moody, CPS/CAP"