International Association of Administrative ProfessionalsÒ


Athens Chapter Bylaws


Article I - Name


The name of this Chapter shall be the Athens Chapter of International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAPÒ).  It shall be located in Athens, Ohio.


Article II - Members


Section I. Dues


A.    Annual Chapter dues shall be:

Professional Member                                        $10.00

Professional-Merited Member                              7.50

Student Member                                                  2.00

B.    Any member who has not paid annual dues within 30 days of due date shall be considered delinquent and shall be suspended from membership and notified of such suspension by the Chapter Treasurer.

C.    The Chapter dues of any member transferring in or out of this Chapter shall be prorated on a monthly basis.


Section 2.  Resignation


A.    Resignation of a member in good standing shall be in writing to the Treasurer with copies to the President.

B.    No dues shall be refunded to any member who resigns for any reason during the fiscal year for which dues were paid.


Section 3.  Reinstatement


A.   A member who has forfeited membership for any reason and wishes to reinstate within the next two years may do so by payment of requisite dues and fees as well as any outstanding debts incurred to the Chapter according to Standing Rules 6.A and shall retain membership tenure.


B.  A member who has forfeited membership for any reason and has permitted more than two years to lapse shall reapply as a new member and shall forfeit tenure of past membership.






Section 4.  Fiscal year


The Fiscal year of this Chapter shall begin on July1 and end on June 30.


ARTICLE III - Officers


Section 1.  Officers


Officers shall be President, President-elect, Vice President, Secretary, Membership Secretary, and Treasurer.


Section 2 - Qualifications


A.    Candidates for offices shall have been a Professional or Professional-Merited Member of this Chapter for at least one year prior to the beginning of the fiscal year term, and a candidate for the Office of President-elect, shall have served as an officer of this Chapter prior to nomination.

B.    No member shall hold more than one Chapter office at a time.  No member shall hold a Division office while serving as a Chapter officer, except to allow for normal overlap in difference of installation time.


Section 3.  Nomination


A.    At the January meeting, the Executive Board shall appoint three members to serve as a Nomination Committee.  This committee shall submit to the membership at the March meeting a slate of candidates for each office, provided they have consented to the nomination, which will be voted on at the April meeting.

B.    Nominations may also be made from the floor prior to the election at the April meeting, and such nominees shall be entered on the slate.

C.    The Nominating Committee shall also serve as Tellers during the election.


Section 4 - Election


A.    A majority vote shall be required to elect, which shall be by ballot, except if there is but one candidate for an office, the election may be by voice vote.

B.    In the event that none of the nominees received a majority vote on the first ballot, all but the two highest for such office shall be eliminated and the balloting continued.  If the vote results in a tie after the third ballot, the election shall be decided by lot.

C.    At the close of the election, the Tellers shall deposit all cast ballots with the President in a sealed envelope.  Ballots are to be destroyed at the close of election at the April meeting.




Section 5 - Term


A.    No officer shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.  Any officer serving six months or more in an office shall be deemed to have served one term.

B.    Officers shall be installed at the May meeting and assume office July 1.


Section 6 - Duties


A.    The President shall:

1.     Preside at all meetings of the Chapter and the Executive Board.

2.     Subject to the approval of the Executive Board, appoint all standing committee chairpersons within 30 days after installation.

3.     Act as ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

4.     Provide written agendas to all officers prior to each meeting.

5.     Provide written agendas to all members at each regular meeting.

6.     Be familiar with the International, Division, and Chapter Bylaws and Standing Rules.

7.     Keep the membership informed as to IAAP official communications.

8.     Keep the assigned Division contact fully informed on all matters concerning the Chapter.

9.     Appoint a Parliamentary Advisor who attends Executive Board and Chapter meetings to give advice on parliamentary issues.


B.    The President-elect shall:

1.     Assist the President.

2.     Assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President.

3.     Serve as Chairperson of the Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee.

4.     Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Board.


C.    The Vice President shall:

1.     Assist the President and President-elect.

2.     Serve as Chairperson of the Program and Education Committee.

3.     Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Board.

4.     Furnish a program booklet for all meetings to each member and Division Officer with educational programs and meals listed.


D.    The Secretary shall:

1.     Record the minutes of all Chapter and Executive Board meetings.

2.     Conduct the correspondence of the Chapter as directed by the Executive Board.

3.     Have custody of the Chapter charter and other official documents.

4.     Have available at all meetings current copies of the International, Division, and Chapter Bylaws and Standing Rules.

5.     Serve as chairperson of the Newsletter Committee.

6.     Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Board.


E.     The Membership Secretary shall:

1.     Serve as Chairperson of the Membership Committee.

2.     Furnish a current directory of home and office addresses and telephone numbers to all members and Division Officers.

1.             3. Be responsible for coordinating an annual impact meeting in February

(membership month).during membership month.

4.   Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Board.


F.     The Treasurer shall:

1.     Have custody of all funds, making disbursements by check only as authorized by the Chapter either by specific action or by adoption of a budget to be administered by the Executive Board.

2.     Submit a monthly report to the Chapter.

3.     Publish a proposed budget for the next fiscal year in the Newsletter prior to the Annual Meeting in April for approval by the membership.

4.     Present a detailed financial report at the annual meeting and complete financial report for the term of office.

5.     Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Board.


Section 7 - Vacancies


A.    A vacancy occurring among the officers-elect between the time of their election and installation shall be filled by special election at the next meeting.  Nominations shall be made from the floor, and all provisions previously outlined in this Section shall prevail.

B.    A vacancy occurring in any office, except that of President, shall be filled for the term not yet expired by special election at the Chapter meeting following notice of the vacancy.  In the event a vacancy in the office of President, the President-elect shall succeed to the office for the term not yet expired.

C.    Officers unable to perform their duties for a period of 60 days shall submit a resignation in writing to the Executive Board.  If the Board, by a two-thirds vote, determines an officer has failed to perform the duties of office for a period of at least 60 days, the Board shall request the resignation of that officer.  If the resignation is not received within 15 days, the Board shall declare the office vacant and fill the office in accordance with the provisions of Section 7A.

D.    Records pertaining to each office are the property of the Chapter and must be transferred as directed by the Executive Board.


ARTICLE IV - Executive Board




Section 1 - Composition


The officers and immediate past president shall constitute the Executive Board.


Section 2 - Duties


A.    The Board shall supervise the activities of the Chapter in accordance with the provisions of these Bylaws and Standing Rules.

B.    The Board is authorized to enter into contracts and agreements on behalf of the Chapter, transact necessary business of the Chapter, and keep the membership informed of all pertinent transactions.

C.    Regular meetings shall be held monthly unless otherwise designated by vote of the Board.  Special meetings may be called by the President or by majority vote of the Board.


ARTICLE V - Meetings


Section 1 - Regular Meetings


Regular meetings of this Chapter shall be held on the third Thursday of each month with the exception of July and December.


Section 2 - Special Meetings


Special meetings may be called by the President, by a majority of the Executive Board, or by one-third of the membership, provided notice specifying the principal business of the meeting is given to all members at least seven days prior to the date of the special meeting.


Section 3 - Annual Meeting


The April meeting shall be the annual business meeting


Section 4 - Quorum


The quorum shall be one-third of the Chapter membership eligible to vote.


ARTICLE VI - Representation


Section 1 - Delegate/Alternate


The President and President-elect shall be the delegate and alternate, respectively, to the International,  and Division meetings. In the event either officer is unable to attend, a delegate and/or alternate shall be vice-president, secretary, treasurer, membership secretary, in this order.  In the event that no officer is able to attend a delegate and/or alternate shall be elected by the membership.  The delegate shall be fully authorized to cast the Chapter’s vote on all matters.  If the delegate cannot attend, the alternate shall become the delegate and a new alternate shall be elected by the membership.


Section 2 - Reporting


It shall be the duty of the delegate and/or alternate to attend all meetings and report, in writing, the proceedings to the Chapter at the next regular meeting and/or in the next issue of the newsletter.


ARTICLE VII - Committees


Section 1 - Standing Committees


Standing Committees shall be composed of a chairperson and as many members as deemed necessary to fulfill their responsibilities.  Appointments shall become effective at the close of the Annual Meeting for a term of one year.


Section 2 - Duties


Standing Committees and their duties are as follows:


A.  The Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee:

1.      Shall maintain conformity in Chapter Bylaws and Standing Rules with International and Division Bylaws and Standing Rules.

2.      May receive and propose amendments to the Chapter’s Bylaws and Standing Rules, prepare and submit them for action by the membership.

3.      Shall submit Chapter Bylaws and Standing Rules and/or amendments to the Division Bylaws Committee for review.

4.      Shall receive suggestions for amendments to the International and/or Division Bylaws and Standing Rules and, with the approval of the Board, submit them to the membership for action.  Upon approval of the membership, prepare them in proper form for submission.

5.      The President-elect shall serve as Chairperson of this committee.

B.  The Chapter Member-of-the-Year Committee shall consist of the current and immediate past CMOTY(s) with the Chapter Secretary serving as Board Contact and shall arrange for the selection of the Chapter's Member-of-the-Year using the guidelines set by the CMOTY Committee. 

C.  The Civic Activities Committee shall organize and coordinate the Chapter’s community service projects.

D.  The CPS/CAP Service Committee shall bring before the Chapter the latest methods, materials (i.e. videos and programs) on secretarial procedure and shall plan education study sessions and programs for the benefit of the members.  The committee shall also stimulate and encourage interest in the CPSCAP program.

E.   The Executive Recognition Committee shall make arrangements for the annual Executive Recognition event, the date to be determined by the committee.

F.   The IAAP Student Chapter Committee shall direct all activities of the Chapter concerned with the promotion and maintenance of this program, assist the IAAP Student Chapter advisor, and attend monthly IAAP Student Chapter meetings.

G.  The Historian shall keep a permanent history of the Chapter.  Records to be kept each year include:  membership roster, end-of-year reports from the Chapter President, IAAP Student Chapter,  Chapter brochure, Chapter history (written by Ruth Ellen Story), listing of scholarship recipients, and a listing of Chapter officers.

H.  The Image Committee shall be responsible for promoting the professional image of the office professional and the Chapter by publicizing Chapter activities; keeping a permanent record of the activities of the Chapter; and coordinating the purchase of member name tags.

I.    The Membership Committee shall direct the activities of the Chapter concerned with the recruitment and maintenance of the membership.  The Membership Secretary shall serve as Chairperson of this committee.

J.   The Newsletter Committee shall prepare and distribute monthly a Chapter Newsletter for distribution to the members and to Division officers.  Receipt of Newsletter must be ten days prior to the regular meeting.  The Secretary will serve as Chairperson of this committee.

K.  The Orientation Committee shall be responsible for organizing orientation sessions for new Chapter members, within 30 days of becoming a member.

L.   The Program and Education Committee shall plan educational programs for meetings and other Chapter sponsored functions.  The Vice President shall serve as Chairperson of this committee.

M. The Administrative Professionals Secretaries Week Committee shall, in cooperation with the Image Committee, arrange activities to promote the office professional career during this particular week.

N.  The Scholarship Committee shall establish criteria for selection, interview, and award of Chapter scholarship(s) and the Joyce D. Malone Memorial Scholarship.

O.  The Sunshine Committee shall be responsible for informing the membership in a timely manner of the following:

1.   When there has been a serious illness, hospitalization or death of a member.

2.   When there has been a death in the immediate family of a Chapter member.

3.   A planter will be sent to a member who has been hospitalized or had surgery.  A card will be sent at other times.

4.   A donation of $25 will be made to the IAAP Retirement Trust Foundation in memory of a deceased member.

P.   The Ways and Means Committee shall devise and promote projects to raise funds for the operation of the Chapter.


Section 3 - Records


Within 15 days after conclusion of the appointment, Committees shall transfer files as directed by the Executive Board.


Section 4 - New Members


New members shall be appointed to a committee(s) within 30 days of becoming a member.


Section 5 - Special Committees


Special committees may be appointed by the President of the Executive Board.


Section 6 - Responsibilities


All committees shall be directly responsible to the Executive Board and, with the exception of the Nominating Committee, shall submit all plans to the Executive Board for approval prior to their implementation.


Section 7 - Reports


A written report in duplicate from each committee chairperson shall be submitted to the President at the May meeting.


Section 8 - Replacement of Chair or Committee Members


With approval of the Executive Board, the President may replace committee chairpersons or members because of non-performance of the duties.




Section 1 - End of Term


An audit of the financial records shall be made by a chairperson and one member appointed by the President at the May meeting.  The audit shall be completed within ten days following close of the fiscal year and a written report submitted to the Board.  The records shall be transferred to the incumbent Treasurer.


Section 2 - Vacancy in the Office of Treasurer


In the event of a vacancy in the office of Treasurer, the financial records shall be audited by the Audit Committee.  The audit shall be completed within seven days after receipt of the records and a written report shall be submitted to the President.  The records shall be transferred as directed by the Board.


ARTICLE IX - Termination


In the event of termination of this Chapter, no assets shall inure to the benefit of any individual or non-IAAP affiliated group.  All assets, after current indebtedness has been paid, shall be transferred to the IAAP Retirement Trust Foundation.


ARTICLE X - Parliamentary Authority


ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER NEWLY REVISED shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure for this Chapter not specifically covered by its Bylaws and/or Standing Rules.


ARTICLE XI - Amendments


Section 1 - Bylaws


These bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting by a two-thirds vote, provided the proposed amendments have been submitted through the Committee Chairperson and to the Chapter members, either by special mailing or inclusion in the Chapter Newsletter, at least ten (10) days before the meeting at which amendments are to be voted upon.  Bylaws may be amended by unanimous vote without previous notice.


Section 2 - Standing Rules


A.    Standing Rules may be adopted without previous notice by majority vote.

B.    They may be amended or rescinded by a two-thirds vote without previous notice and by majority vote if notice was given either in writing at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting date or by reading at the previous regular meeting.


Section 3 - Changes and Corrections


Changes in these Bylaws and Standing Rules necessitated by amendments to the International or Division Bylaws and Standing Rules shall be effected by the Bylaws Committee, subject to approval of the Board, approval of the Division Bylaws Committee, and notification to the membership.


Section 4 - Enactment


These Bylaws and Standing Rules and/or amendments thereto shall be effective upon adoption, unless otherwise specified, subject to review and approval by the Division Bylaws Committee.


Bylaws adopted:        11/18/79                    Approved:  Division R & B:        01/18/80

Bylaws revised:          04/21/83                   

Bylaws revised:          01/19/84                    Approved:  Division R & B:        02/19/84

Bylaws revised:          04/17/86

Bylaws revised:          04/16/87

Bylaws revised:          02/18/88                    Approved:  Division R & B:        06/09/88

Bylaws revised:          05/03/90

Bylaws revised:          03/19/92

Bylaws revised:          04/16/92                    Approved:  Division R & B:        05/09/92

Bylaws revised:          04/15/94

Bylaws revised:          05/21/98                    Approved:  Division R & B:        11/16/98

Bylaws revised:          4/20/00

Bylaws revised:          05/10/01

Bylaws revised:         11/16/02                   Approved: Division R & B:       05/02/03


Next review date        11/16/02                                                                        05/02/07





The Association for Office Professionals


1.     The Chapter shall pay the following expenses, provided funds are available:

A.    Delegates to Division Meeting and International Convention:

1.     Basic registration fee at early registration rates.

2.     Hotel/motel accommodations (prorated according to occupancy) for a maximum of five (5) nights for International and two (2) nights for Division meeting.

3.     Transportation:  Air fare at the most economical rate or personal automobile mileage cost reimbursed at current federal rate per mile (prorated according to number of travelers).  Automobile cost not to exceed economy air fare. 

4.     Meals:  per diem at current government rate in city where convention/conference/meeting is held for the official length of the event.

B.    The registration fee of the alternate to Division meeting and International Convention.

C.    The registration fee of all Chapter officers attending the Student/Member Conference.

2.     At the time of installation, the officers shall be presented with the pins representing their respective offices.  The pins will be given to the successors.  If the pin is lost, the officer, without cost to the Chapter, must replace it.

3.     The retiring President shall be presented with a Past President’s pin as a token of appreciation.

4.     A Cross pen shall be presented to the outgoing IAAP Student Chapter President(s) at their annual banquet.

5.     As a contribution to the IAAP Retirement Trust Foundation, each member shall give a penny per pound to be matched by funds from the treasury.

6.     Reservations at Chapter meetings will automatically be made in each member’s name for every meeting unless the member makes a written request for exclusion, or notifies the designated member no later than noon on the Monday before the meeting.  Each member will be billed by the Treasurer for guaranteed reservations.

A.    A member in good standing has a professional responsibility to pay any debts incurred to the Chapter, i.e., membership dues, meals and miscellaneous assessments.

B.    A member with a delinquent bill of any kind will be sent a notice at the end of one month or thirty (30) days.  At the end of two (2) months or sixty (60) days, a letter will be sent notifying the member that if no response is made within ten (10) days after date of letter, his/her membership in the Athens Chapter of International Association Administrative Professionals will be forfeited.

C.    If reinstatement is desired after all delinquent bills have been paid, the individual will follow Article 2, Section 3 of the Athens Chapter Bylaws for reinstatement.

7.  Each memberThe Chapter shall be responsible for the cost of a member’s initial hip name tag that should be worn atto all IAAP Chapter meetings and other functions.  The Image Committee will coordinate the purchase.  The Chapter will also purchase a new name tag for any member achieving the CPS/CAP rating.  The member is responsible for the cost of a replacement name tag.


Standing Rules adopted:              11/15/79   Approved:  Division R & B         01/28/80

Standing Rules revised:                04/21/83

Standing Rules revised:                01/09/84   Approved: Division R & B          02/19/84

Standing Rules revised:                04/16/86

Standing Rules revised:                02/18/88   Approved:  Division R & B         06/09/88

Standing Rules revised:                05/03/90

Standing Rules revised:                12/16/91

Standing Rules revised:                03/19/92

Standing Rules revised:                04/15/94

Standing Rules revised                05/21/98   Approved: Division R & B          11/16/98

Standing Rules revised:                4/20/00

Standing Rules revised:             11/16/02    Approved: Dvision R & B         5/02/03

Next Review Date:                      05/02/07